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Holistic Services


- Healthy Lifestyle Support

- Building a daily personal practice

- Spiritual growth, personal development, & meditation routines

- Support in gaining clarity about patterns and issues

- Working with healthy communication and conflict resolution

- Uncovering limiting beliefs and working through traumas or unhealed experiences

- Seeing the bright side and the "teacher" within everything we go through, opportunities for growth

- Overcoming the blame, shame, victim & abuser cycle.  Walking in personal accountability.

- Support in finding one's purpose and building a life that feels aligned with it. 


This is a great vibrational re-integration session that will restore in your body as well as in the subtle structure of your being, the connection with the rays of light and harmonious emanations of the Sun and Mother Nature.  This unique method will tune you into your own vibrational identity, eliminating all kinds of dissonances on all levels while expanding your radiance and light and bringing you a great sense of release and peace.  Chakra Balancing has a deep and long-lasting effect on your physical, mental and spiritual field.  Balancing and tuning your chakras with this method will allow you to recover your own natural state of homeostasis and harmony while releasing you from various levels of dissonance that make your daily life difficult.  


I offer Massage & Bodywork and Ayurveda to help balance the body, relieve pain and stress, and to support a deeper connection to one's life and to nature, and to also support the harmonization and balancing out of the inner components of the human being. I have trained deeply in various integrative wellness therapies from both the East and the West and I blend them together to create sessions that are rejuvenating, harmonizing, relaxing, healing, and effective. 


- Getting Clear on your Goals & Vision

- Help with Business Strategy

- Authentic, Heartfelt High Vibrational Brand Mentorship

- Working with Intention

- Website Development that reflects your passion and light

- Mentorship in scaling your income by being in alignment with purpose & Integrity

- Effective Marketing tips

What Our Clients Say


Karine Ferdinandsen

It is a godsend I ended up meeting Lauren. Through a series of events, I've come to know the love and support of a true healer. She is committed to teaching and supporting the process towards detangling the mess I made of my life. Most importantly, she is assisting the reconnection of my soul to the Divine. Her mentoring style is intuitively solid, yet unintrusive. As the work involved in my healing goes deeper, she is standing with me, not for me, with gentleness, wisdom and kindness. If you hear the call in your heart for a true connection, Lauren is an excellent choice for guidance in the direction of a purposeful life you are meant to live.

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